Village is the first part of The Dark Army: Uprising.
Village Night

Mission Briefing Edit

In the mountains of Wulfburg stands this small village under Nazi occupation. In 1942, the Kreisau Circle had established their primary hideout in this village, before the Nazis took control of it months later. Since then, it represents an essential supply outpost for the Axis forces currently in Wulfburg, with constant resource transactions between the two villages being shared. More recently, the activities of the Nazis have increased, due to the ongoing archaeological excavations being held underground, and the annual meeting of the officers. It is also said that this village was once a place of rituals for an evil benedict order, which is said to be the reason why this village is the prey to recurrent snowstorms.

Objectives Edit

  1. Reach the main courtyard.
  2. Destroy the gate's generator.
  3. Sneak into the sewers.
  4. Neutralize the radio operator.
  5. Eliminate the chief officer.

Walkthrough Edit

When you start, enter the building ahead of you, and kill all enemies inside it. Be careful not to shoot the woman, or you'll fail the mission. After killing all the Nazis, another group of enemy soldiers will exit a nearby building. Go through said building and you'll find some dynamite. Return to the gate and use the dynamite to destroy it. Afterwards, enemies will come at you. Make your way into the hotel and kill Major Amsel in the last room on the right. Shortly after that, head into the last courtyard and head into the generator room, kill the radio operator and pick up another bomb. Use said bomb to blow up the generator before heading back into the hotel. Use the switch in the hallway to open a trap door in the lobby. Afterwards, destroy the gate leading into the sewers and head right in.